Life Has Challenges

Recently, someone told me that I write a little too much about blindness. So, I thought I would change up the feel a little while still relating it back to blindness. Life is not easy whatsoever. Whether that means that we struggle in school, have a rough home life or face our own challenges, life always is challenging.

I received a suggestion from a viewer to talk about a time where my vision became embarrassing. Oh man! There are too many times. So, thank you to the viewer who suggested this idea that will be the focus for todays post.

A few weeks ago, I was at the mall like any normal teenager. I walked past with an ice cold starbucks in my hand. Strawberry acai refresher to be exact. My friend and I had just finished shopping and were making our way back to our car. We walked into Dicks Sporting Goods, a popular sports store.

Let me pause here and ask a quick question. Do any of you guys who are reading this recall those tower like structures at the entrance/exit of stores that will alarm if you try and shoplift? Well, that is what made this shopping trip go south. And no, I did not shoplift if you were hoping for a juicy story. As we strode into and through the store, we were nearing the alarm system and just like that, I smacked head first into the security.

For anyone who has not read any of my previous posts about how much vision I have, I have no peripheral and limited central. So, you are probably thinking that this alarm system was somewhere on my side. Well, I have news for you, unfortunately it was right smack dab in front of me. My friend immediately burst out laughing. I mean can I really blame her?

Even though this was quite embarrassing because I am 90% certain that half of the people in that store just saw me smack my face, I found a way to laugh about it. Life is painful sometimes. It throws us a curve ball once in awhile, but if we face life with a positive outlook, we will be unstoppable.

It is not easy being blind, but laughing about it with friends every once in a while takes your mind off of all the hard parts. Don’t be discouraged by what you can’t accomplish, be encouraged by what you can.

Hope to “see” you guys back on Wednesday. Haha, “see” what I did there. Man, I am making myself crack up just writing this. Also, quick announcement, we are almost at 1,000 visitors. Please spread the word and tell all your friends.

Remember to laugh everyday.

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