The Untold Truth of Applying to College….

College. A word, a subject and another chapter of our life that we procrastinate thinking about for as long as possible. Throughout every stage of life we hear people use the word. In elementary school it is a far off land where grown ups go. In middle school it is something that teachers talk about, but something we put off thinking about. In high school, we hear this word every day and night. The word looms over our heads and for some odd reason, if you don’t go to college, you are now “uneducated”.

In some ways, college is that taboo subject that is not brought up until necessary because people only mention the fun parts about going to college. The parties, the freedom and the fact there is not limits. They don’t mention the neverending application process. If they did, would that twist your view of applying?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was probably pretty smart of everyone throughout elementary, middle and high school to not really metion what college applications entailed because if they did, I don’t think I would have been roped into applying.

How naive we are about these details of the application process. I shall not let this secret go untold any longer. Applying for college is long, hard and frankly draining. The process is literally everything but easy. You start by submitting the first application. That’s right folks, you heard it here. I said the FIRST application. There are plenty more to come. After you submit the common application, you wait. And wait. And wait. Weeks if not months later you get a letter in the mail. That letter is the most emotional letter you will receive. Life can change in one instant. I was lucky enough to hear what everyone wants to hear “congratulations on your acceptance”. Well, at least I heard that from 2/3 of my colleges.

You think to yourself that the hardest part is over, but unfortunately it is just beginning. After submitting the 40 pages of the common application, you start on this lovely form called FAFSA. Never heard of a FAFSA? Consider yourself lucky. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It asks all kinds of questions about your families finances and all that wonderful stuff. Then you get a bunch of confirmation letters and after months of waiting, you get the amount that each college decides to give you after submitting your FAFSA 4 months back. Currently, I am still playing the waiting game. I am waiting to hear how much money I received.

“Amen” you say to yourself. I get a 4 month break while waiting for my FAFSA to be processed. Wrong again. You now start on probably the most grueling part of the application process, scholarships. “They give you money. Isn’t that fun?’ No. No it is not. The problem is, people don’t just tell you where to apply, you spend hours typing into the search bar of Google and feeling hopeless. it is kind of a destructive cycle. Type into Google, look, find out you’re not eligible, cry. That usually goes on for several hours every week until one day your internet craps out on you. Luckily, my school is pretty awesome so I have a lot of great people helping me out along the way, but it doesn’t lessen the burden we carry all throughout senior year.

Thank you guys so incredibly much for checking out this post! I am not trying to deter people from applying to college. The final result it totally worth it, but the path you to take to get there is very long and stressful. I just wanted to make a funny post warning people of the journey ahead and to make it pretty relatable to any high school seniors that follow me.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my next YouTube video coming out tomorrow. I will see you guys back here on Wednesday. Remember to laugh everyday.


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