It Is Here!!! My Life is Changed Forever

You guys, it is finally here!!! i have been waiting with baited breath for this day to arrive, and on January 18, 2019, it finally happened.

Let’s get this blog post started with a little bit of a background story. I am visually imapired and in elementary and middle school I had a number of aids that helped me live an easier life. When we moved to our current city, we switched states and I lost all the equipment i previously had.

Through the course of 2018, I filled out many applications, and interview sheets and evven tested a bunch of piecces of equipment. Afteer many months, that equipment is finally here! I can not begin to express how incredilby grateful I am for those whoo have helped me throughoout these past few months, who worked tirelessly to make my life easier. You guys are true angels.

Currently, I am typing this blog post on one of my new pieces of equipment. I will now tell you guys the different pieces of equipment I got.

  1. The Prodigi Connect 12
  2. The Explorer 5
  3. Monocular
  4. Slanted Clipboard
  5. Portable Chargers
  6. A Large Print Bluetooth Keybooard

This equipment is very complicated, so I won’t go into mucch detail and bore you guys to death, but if you would want to see exactly what equipment I got and how to use it, head over to my YouTube channel on Sunday and check out the new video that will be going up.

The prodigi basically like a tablet that has a magnifieer under it and a distance camera on the top and it magnifies, and also converts into a android tablet where I can access my schoolwork. In a way, it is an updated computer.

A explorer 5 is a small electronic magnifiying glass. Thee monocular is a just like binoculars, but just one.

I feel like the rest is pretty self explanatory.

Thank you guys so incredibly much, I am so grateful to have this many people vieew my journey everyday. I love you guys and will see you again on Monday.

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