10 Worst Things About Being Blind

So, I have seen a couple of YouTubers do this and if you do not know already, I have a YouTube channel and I am sure that I will also do this. There are many positives about being blind, but that does not mean that blindness does not come with struggles or hardships. This post is not meant to be one giant pity party, but a post that educates people of the negative effects of being blind.

  1. NO DRIVING! As you can probably guess, driving is not permitted for the blind or visually impaired for reasons I do not feel need explaining.
  2. You are constantly using some kind of equipment or mobility device. When you are blind or visually impaired you are most likely always using a mobility device or some type of equipment. Whether that be a cane, a guide dog or a CCTV, most blind people can’t go without their equipment.
  3. The Looks. No matter where you go, you always get looks. People can see physically that you are disabled and it just makes life harder because they end up thinking of you in a different way.
  4. Access Issues. When blind, it can be incredibly hard to be granted access everywhere and therefore it is harder to travel.
  5. People ignoring you. Depending on your vision loss, people may think that they can ignore you and walk away because you may not see them.
  6. You’re the Exhibit. Now that you are different than everyone else, you are an attraction. People put things in your face, ask you questions and test your limits.
  7. Assumptions. People make many assumptions about what kind of vision you have and what you are capable of which frankly is disrespectful and rude to say the least.
  8. They know your situation. People who are not visually impaired pretend to “know your situations”. Before someone comments that I am discrediting anyone’s experiences, that is absolutely false. Everyone has struggles and hardships in their life, but unless you are visually impaired you can’t really say that you “understand what I am going through” or that “it is not that bad”. You can be supportive and say that you are there for someone, but do not say that you know what they are going through. I once was talking to my friend and I was having a bad day and was really frustrated with my vision. I was complaining a little bit, we all do it sometimes. She turns to me and says, “well, I sprained my knee last week, so I basically know your situation”. Not exactly dude. Again, this is not to make anyone feel bad, but it is to say, do not try and compare your experiences if they are completely the opposite from someone else’s.
  9. Injuries. Injuries basically come with the job of being blind. No matter if that means you are bumping into things or just plain falling over things you can’t see, this is basically a given when you are blind. I mean look at my last post.
  10. Last, BUT certainly not least is…….The Movie Theatre Situation. When going to the movies with your friends, it makes it difficult when they have opinions on where they want to sit!

Thanks for tuning in today! Hope everyone has a great day! Hope you guys are ready for a video on my channel tomorrow!!!

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