I Injured Myself in the Uninjurable Sport

Before I continue to the tell the story of my injury, I wanted to apologize for already not sticking to my set posting schedule. Unfortunately, because of everything that has been happening over the past few days, I went to sleep at a friends house and left my backpack in the car which contained my computer.

So, now that I have cleared that up, I can explain how and in what sport I recently injured myself in. If you have been following me for a while you that I am a competitive swimmer. If you know anything about swimming you know it is the sport that they recommend to people with pre-existing injuries as a form of therapy. Well, since I am absolutely the clumsiest person alive, I managed to injure myself during a swim practice. We were working on our 100 freestyle and I was on the third lap about to make my flip turn. Being visually impaired, doing a flip turn is pretty hard because you are supposed to have your eyes looking at the bottom of the pool. I went to flip turn and turned a little too early and when I went to push off, one of my feet was in the wrong position and as I pushed off I heard a large pop. After the pop there was an immediate burning and throbbing sensation.

At first, thinking it might have been a cramp, I jumped out of the pool, but quickly realized that I could not bend my knee. I sat out for the remainder of practice and afterwards walked slowly to the bathroom to change and by that time the pain had slowly dissipated. I went home thinking that if not a cramp, it might have been a pulled muscle that would heal in a bout a day. Since I had previously been a track runner, I did what any athlete would do when they had an injury, I iced, rested, compressed and elevated.

When I had gotten up the next morning, instead of the pain having lessened , it had only gotten worse. I then decided to try and take an advil and proceed with the day as normal. This incident happened on a Tuesday and on a Friday I visited the orthopedic surgeon. He informed me that I had two strained muscles. Quite the strain too. I had strained my hamstring and its connection to the back of me knee and my gastrocnemius which is the large muscle in the back of your calf.

Ever since Friday, I have been overtaken by a knee imobilizing brace which constricts my movement and bending of my knee. It makes everyday tasks so much harder than they need to be. I can not sit in the front seat of a car, go to the bathroom in certain bathrooms or even sit in a pew at church.

Well, I hope that you guys enjoyed this story of me being clumsy and wrecking myself for the millionth time in a row. Thank you guys so much for tuning into today’s post! Please remember my regular posting schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I love you guys and please check out my YouTube channel, link in previous posts.

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