I Answered Google’s Most Asked Questions About Blindness

I was sitting in class yesterday and per usual, I was half asleep. Do not think I do not like school, because if we are being honest, I thoroughly enjoy it. It just happened that this class was particularly boring that day. We all have those days. Out of nowhere I started thinking of ideas for an upcoming blog post and my mind led me straight to Google. What better idea to search things in Google and see what people wonder about the blind. 

If you are new to the trends, I basically will start typing the first part of a question. For example, “What do blind people” and then see what Google automatically autofills as the answer and I will be typing each of these out in a cohesive blog post. Here is the one stop shop for all your blind person questions. Get ready to have your own personal blind Google. We will start with the classic “What Do Blind People” question and see what Google has for us. 

Ok. Into the fun stuff we go. 

The first question is: “What do blind people see?” How do I even start answering this? It depends on what type of blind you are and what your eye condition is. So, if you would like to learn more about that, please check out my previous blog posts about the different types of blindness. 

“What do blind people dream?’ Truthfully Google is coming up with some pretty hard questions. I think this question is supposed to be worded “Do blind people dream?” Per usual, I answered this question in a previous blog post. But as for What blind people dream about, well depending on their condition if they can dream, I would asume they dream about the things we dream about. Life experiences and things they are secretly hoping for. 

“What do blind people do for fun?” Well, first of all I am offended by the people on Google. These people obviously do not realize that blind people are pretty normal people on this earth and are very similar to the rest of world, but just with a few challenges. Blind people usually love to watch movies. Yes they really do even if they can’t see. Now as I always say, I can not speak for every blind person because truthfully depending on whether they are blind or not, what they like to do depends on their personality. 

“What do blind people’s eyes look like?” Listen Google, stop making such broad questions. You need to get much more specific for me to be able to answer this. If someone has cataracts, their eyes will be blurry. If someone has Retinal Coloboma, there retinas will drip into the colored part of their eyes. Someone like me might have perfectly normal eyes. There are hundreds of eye disabilities out there and I can not name every single one and tell you the visuals about everyone’s eyes because not only do different eye disabilities come with different visuals, but everyone is made different in the image of God. Everyone sees different things and looked different. There you go, the longest Google response ever. 

“What vision is considered legally blind?” According to most ophthalmologists, a vision acuity of 20/200 or less in one eye with corrections in considered legally blind. Although I have 20/80 vision plus the loss of my peripheral in one eye, in the other eye I can not see anything at all making me legally blind. Refer to an eye chart and have someone help you test your vision if you are interested to see where you land. 

Now onto the “why” questions. 

“Why do blind people wear sunglasses?” First of all, don’t assume you know. Depending on the person and how their eyes look, not all blind people wear sunglasses. I get this comment a lot because society has given this vision of a blind person that they all wear sunglasses. For the people that do, I congratulate them, but remember that everyone is unique. 

“Why do blind peoples shake?” Ahhh, now this is one that I can answer. Blind peoples eyes shake from something called Nystagmus. I too, along with many others who are visually impaired have Nystagmus. It just means that your eyes will shake uncontrollably. And no, that does not mean that my vision shakes just to clear that up. 

“Why do blind peoples eyes look up?” Blind peoples eyes look up because if they are totally blind they have nowhere to look so their eyes usually just look at things they can not see. As for sighted people, a reason for why their eyes may look up or down constantly is because they might have a lazy eye. Like I have mentioned so many times previously, I can not speak for all blind people, but from meeting quite a few blind people these are the answers I can give you. 

“How do blind people read?” Great question Google! Depending on whether a person is totally blind or visually impaired they might used a variety of things ranging from Braille which is a series of dots that make specific letters. (Hint: I did a blog post on that too). Other visually impaired people may prefer large text if they have any vision and other blind people may prefer books on tape to be able to just listen to the book. 

“How do blind people dream?” This question was answered to the best of my ability previously. 

“How do blind people see?” Hmmm…. this is a hard one. Truth be told, if someone is totally blind, the answer is simple, they don’t. Again, the amount of sight people have influences how much people can see. 

“How do blind people drive?” Usually, they do not. But again, (and I am sure you know what I am about to say because I never stop saying it) it depends on the amount of sight someone has. For me at least, I don’t drive for my safety and the safety of anyone in the state of Ohio. Please, if you ever see me driving, feel free to call 911. 

“How do blind people use the internet?” Blind people usually will use voice over to ask Google what they want to know, but if someone has some sight, they may rely on a handy dandy program known as ZoomText (#NotSponsored). Frankly, most blind people use the internet similar to how the rest of use use it. Blind people also are usually pretty trained in their typing skills, so like myself they may not have to look at the keyboard in order to search something on the internet. 

Now for some random questions that I thought would be nice to include in this post. 

“Can blind people have normal eyes?” Well, it depends on your version of normal. All blind people, depending on their cause of blindness may have different eyes, but all are normal because all were made in the image of God. They may not look like someone else’s, but that does not mean they are not normal. 

“Can blind people have feeling in their eyes?” Yes! Trust me, coming from someone with first hand experience, there is definitely feeling in my left eye even though I can not see anything. Blindness means no sight, not no feeling. I  have dived off the diving board many a time to have my goggle fill up with water and being in the middle of a lap, I am unable to fix it. Just because it can’t damage my sight anymore, it still hurts just as much. 

And lastly, my two favorite questions of all time: “Can blindness be cured?” “Can blindness be fixed with surgery?” For the last time in this post and hopefully the last time ever, it depends on what the cause of your blindness is. For me, no. My blindness is not curable and that is the case for most conditions that someone is born with. As for cataracts and glaucoma, there is surgeries that can be helpful in reducing the effects. My favorite thing is when people just ask if they can advance medical science and “come up with a new surgery?” No. I wish. The people who have those questions should really get in the lab themselves. I am ready for a miracle y’all. Long story short, no medical science is not easily advanced. If it was, we would have figured out a surgery by now being as I am almost 18. 

So thank you Google for all your great questions! I enjoyed looking these up and giving the best possible answers I could. If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know your thoughts or any questions you might have. Thank you so much for following my journey. 

One more shoutout to my friend Becca! She is a YouTuber trying to start up her channel so you guys should definitely do her a solid and go check it out! It is so funny and so worth watching! Thanks everyone! Her YouTube name is Becca Rose. 

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