How Blind People Conquer the Average School Day??


Hello Friends,

I am just going to start off being honest, school is hard. That is really the only simple way to put it. Not only is school hard for those without loss of sight, but when you are legally blind it really puts a stunt in your style. From the drama of the cafeteria to the work in the classrooms, school is full of ups and downs.

I am going to be completely honest and probably pretty relatable here: does anyone really conquer school? You might think I am saying that everyone can not live up to what school shells out, but I am actually just saying that no matter how smart, how prepared, or how well organized you are, school is a struggle for every person I know in one way or another. If you have never struggled with school, please let me know in the comments below and we can discuss tactics and maybe I can possibly emulate your success. LOL.

Let’s just start from square one. The alarm clock rings, depending on when your school starts this is pretty early. For me at least, this is 6:35 am. Now, being the person I am I stayed up way too late last night watching Grey’s Anatomy and hit “snooze” on the alarm clock. After this repeated action of ringing and snoozing for about 30 more minutes, I finally drag myself out of bed at about 7:02. I want to interrupt this post to say that any girl who showers in the morning and puts on makeup and does your hair, congratulations queen, you are doing better than me.

I go to a private high school and therefore am required to wear a uniform. So I usually spend about 5 minutes scrounging the house for where I might have put it. When I finally find my skirt, shirt, and sweater, I am about halfway ready. I throw on whatever socks I can find (let’s be honest, they are never matched, but don’t tell my teachers). I Head downstairs for what I call the “breakfast boost” which usually includes a spoon of creamy peanut butter and a yogurt. When I finally get to school, it’s time for what everyone dreads, the first class.

At my school, classes are usually about 90 minutes each. Good luck sitting through that without fighting off a 30 minute snooze.

The four minutes we get in between each class are no picnic either. Having to use a cane in the hallways make the struggle too real y’all. I stumble through the hall usually hitting about 57 girls in the ankles with my stick. I basically just say “sorry” the entire time I am walking from class to class because you know I am beating somebody up with my cane. (Haha….. joking).

The constant looks and comments I get from various students and teachers never stop. They continue on until someone has the courage to ask “why the stick?” Ahh, the stick, well I usually just say, “the stick and I are best friends, and if we are being honest we are also best friends because we have to tolerate each other 24 hours of the day.” They move on down the hallways or through the lunch room staring all the way. I don’t mind the question, just informing the public.

The last two classes feel like they drag on for hours at a time. They are an hour and a half, so it is realistic. Finally, the teachers pause the lesson for one minute, I check my phone. Ugh, still 45 minutes of school.

After school comes the parking lot situation. Do not worry, I do not drive. That would be a cruelty to the world and humanity to have a blind woman behind the wheel. My friend kindly drives me to and from school. Navigating that parking lot is like being a part of the Maze Runner for anyone who is blind. There are cars coming left and right, there are people bumping into you. Others trying to park, others trying to leave, and of course the girls standing in the middle of the parking lot on their cell phones.

From this post you are probably thinking, “wow, this girl absolutely hates school and everything about it.” Not true. I actually love learning and feeling the sense of accomplishment, but what is a post without a little humor, am I right? So, by the end of the day, I am utterly pooped, then I remember it’s time for swim practice……


8 thoughts on “How Blind People Conquer the Average School Day??

  1. I’m still amazed that this girl, despite being blind is able to find her shirt about ten minutes faster than I could ever hope to, and I have perfect vision. But that probably says more about me than her. Also, for non-visually impaired people, going underwater sucks because you lose all ability to know what’s around you, and you can’t see a damn thing. Which to me is just uncomfortable and kind of scary. Does being blind and going underwater feel as uncomfortable as it does for those who normally can see just fine? Is it any easier to deal with?


  2. Hey! you’re blog is so amazing sweetie, I love it! keep it up! I do have two questions, first, how did you become blind? and second, how do you feel about being blind?


  3. One of my favorite posts! Your blogs are getting better and better! Your not as bad off as Sammy. She gets up at about 5:30, school starts at 7:00!


  4. This is my favorite of all of your posts! It is so funny and relatable in some of the aspects except that I have to be up at 5:50am because I pick you up, LOL. But great blog, love it!


  5. This is my favorite post on your blog I have yet read. It is so funny yet still inspiring about how you never give up through your everyday struggles. Love you!


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