Do I Believe in God After He Left Me This Way?

So many people blame God for the things that go wrong in their life. They may believe that God has cursed them and made their life this way because of what they had done in the past or what their parents had done. What many people do not realize is that God does not curse us or punish us for doing wrong. If our parents did something wrong in their past, he does not punish them or us for their sins. God does not plot punishments for anyone, in fact He does the complete opposite.

God gives us free will and lets life happen; whatever happens is not God’s fault, but just something that happens in life.

For me, being legally blind is just something that I was blessed with. When I was born, I was born completely blind with no sight at all. Through the work of God, I gained about 50% of my vision in my right eye. I know what you are thinking, God could have healed me all the way, and you are right. He sure could have. But, God leaves things in our lives for reasons, reasons we may not know until we overcome them. God always has reasoning behind why He lets things happen to us. Our lives can be taken into our grasp and our control. God left me with only partial vision because he knew that I can handle still being legally blind. He changed my path from being fully blind, but still left me with some struggles.

Isn’t God supposed to be our loving father who never does us wrong? Yes and no. God is a loving father to us, and He helps us in our times of need, but then again leaves some challenges in our path to help us learn how to be our best self. No one can grow up to be their best self without a little bit of bumps in the road. We all need a few things that make us struggle and something that makes us doubt to eventually build our relationship stronger.

So, like any good father, God can be harsh, but still loving. For me, I look at Him as someone who cared so much he changed my path just the slightest, but made sure to leave some struggles because that is what helps a person become a fuller version of themselves.

So, I wholeheartedly believe in God and everything He does. He works to make our lives something that we can be proud of, something that draws us closer to Him. He allows us freedom to make good or bad choices and to experience the consequences of those, so we can learn and improve. As for what makes him intervene and make things seem better for some and worse for others, his ways are mysterious. To support my claim, I pulled this quote from the book of Job from the bible, “God gives and God takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord”. All I can say is as someone with legal blindness, I don’t consider him to have dealt me a bad card, because I have felt his love in my life in profound ways.  

Therefore, everyone should know that, whether you believe in God or you don’t, the God I believe in is always here looking out for us, challenging us to be our best selves, and that is why my faith is so strong, because I know He cares so much.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my aunt Mary. Many of you may not know this, but she is like the editor behind this operation. I am constantly asking her to look over my posts, and she graciously does. So, thank you Aunt Mary for helping me out. You are greatly appreciated.

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