Blind meets Blind

Hello All! I know it has been a little while since I have uploaded a post. Unfortunately, I have been very ill with a sinus infection. I am back and have a great post for you guys.

Every few months I volunteer at the Cleveland Sight Center, specifically with a group called BLAST. BLAST is a group that invites children between the ages of 10-13 to come and participate in friendly games or activities with other visually impaired individuals. Today we made a trip to the mall and saw The Grinch in theatres. Afterwards, we all participated in a scavenger hunt around the mall.

One new girl joined our group today and for privacy reasons, I am not gong to reveal her name. I would like to say a few things about her though. She was one of the funniest, most beautiful and confident girls I have ever met. She was not afraid of anything and conquered every task with an open mind. Like myself, she has Bilateral Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Although for her, she has no vision at all. She was the only person there with absolutely no sight. She greeted everyone with open arms and had one of the most contagious smiles I have ever seen and it just lit up a room.

Sometimes when sighted individuals meet someone with any disability, especially blindness they are afraid or they do not want to spend time with that person because their disability scares them. When one blind person meets another, it is an instant connection, an unbreakable bond. I had the honor of meeting this beautiful, young girl today and she filled my heart with joy when I saw how she handled any situation that was put in front of her.

There is an unbreakable connection formed when blinds meet. It could be because of their commonality, or because they feel comforted. I can not really say. For me at least it is because of the fact that I have met someone that knows my experiences and realizes the trouble of being disabled. I was given permission by the mother to post this photo of me and that girl who brightened my day today. I want to thank her for being the most amazing and strong girl I now. Not only is she younger than me, but her spirit is going to change the face of blindness. She is going to be such a powerful advocate and I am honored to have been part of her day today.

As always, leave any question or comment you might have below. Thank you guys so much for viewing my blog!


3 thoughts on “Blind meets Blind

  1. Thats my grand daughter. The light of my life. Thank you for the kind words. She really does love to make people laugh and smile. She’s really good at that.


  2. It was so heartwarming to read your kind words 💗 We are tremendously grateful to of met you yesterday 🙏🏼 She is super excited she has a new friend who’s a lot like her and looks forward to hanging out soon 🌟


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