I am visually weird…

This weekend my brothers soccer team was involved in a soccer tournament about an hour away from our house. In order to save time and gas, we decided to get a hotel for the night. Of course, my 10 year old brother wanted one of his friends to join us in our hotel especially since his family was otherwise heading back home. We obviously said yes because this child was very polite and mannerly and just pleasant to have around.

After the first day at the tournament, we were on our way to the hotel and everyone was starving. We stopped at Burger King per majority vote. When we were walking into Burger King, my brothers friend asked me why I was carrying a “big stick”. I responded the way to respond to everyone who asks me this question. “Because I am blind, this helps me feel around for things”. His face lit up, and he then excitedly told me that is what he thought it was because he had “seen people like that in a Youtube video”. Don’t we see everything in Youtube videos these days? The rest of the time we were at Burger King I kept hearing him lean over and whisper to my brothers and say things like, “I never knew she was blind”, “I would have never known if he was not using that stick”. So what are the things that key children into thinking that people might be blind? Take a lesson from this kid and find out.

About an hour and a half later we were back at the hotel and he whispered something to my brother like he had been doing all night, then making my brother laugh. I heard him say “Hey man, tell my sister what you just asked”. So, without hesitation, this child leaned over and asked me “HEY, when did you become visually weird??” When did I become visually weird. That is a very good question. So many people use the term “visually impaired” in hopes of keeping the “visually impaired” persons feelings in check. But, this kid was so right, I am visually weird. I am not visually normal am I?

It is the little things in life that make life so worth living. Kids have such a unique spin on things and sometimes the wording they use is offensive, and sometimes it hurts feelings, but they are just telling the truth. They are telling what is on the mind and what they see it as.

To close, I have learned a very important lesson from this child. I am visually weird. I interpret this in my own way, I am visually unique. I am unique in this world and just how God made me. God has never made two people the same. All of you reading this are different from the person sitting next to you or your best friend. Even if your vision is in tact, you are still unique in your own way, whether is be visually weird, or any other kind of weird, embrace your weirdness and live your life.

Thank you to all the little things in my life that make me laugh and smile and want to live longer. I absolutely love the comments and questions I get, sometimes they can really crack you up. So, remember to live your life as yourself, not like someone else and be unique and sometimes a little weird.

6 thoughts on “I am visually weird…

      1. Would you prefer visually weird? I feel like I should be using this term instead or impaired. AS always, the blog is awesome, keep up the good work.


  1. Weird is the opposite of normal, but who is totally normal?? I love that you embrace your weirdness and give God the credit for making you, you! He can use your impairment for good, and you are making it easy by embarrassing it!


  2. Zoe first I’d like to say I love reading all this. Second you write like a seasoned published writer. Third kept this up I’m looking forward to reading more I’ve subscribe. Miss you and the crew.

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  3. Thank you so much for your comment, if you have anything else that you are interested in knowing, feel free to comment again. I really am overjoyed by the amount of support that is pouring into this blog. Thank you uncle Bill and everyone that is helping support me along the way. Make sure to share the link with anyone you think might be interested on Facebook or other sites.
    Again, i am so thankful for all the love I am getting through here.


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