Saturday- 10/20/18

Hello everyone! I wanted to update you on some things happening in my life! In just one week I will be taking the ACT standardized test… wish me luck! I am also preparing to volunteer at the Cleveland Sight Center in a group called BLAST! I am absolutely loving my life at this point and couldn’t be happier to start this blog!

As for living blindly today, I had one child see me traveling with my stick. I heard him lean over to his mom and whisper “Mom, why is that girl carrying a long stick.” His mom had no response, so I felt obligated to step in and simply explain I was visually impaired. This is a true experience that I feel helps educate children and the community about blindness!

5 thoughts on “Saturday- 10/20/18

  1. I’m so pleased to know you! Thank you for your willingness to help with the BLAST group. I’m so glad you spoke up to this child.


  2. Wow Zoe…..,.What a refreshingly positive blog you have started! On top of being a very skilled and entertaining writer, the work you’re doing to educate others is remarkable as I feel visual impairments among kids is not so common. My almost 13 years old daughter has the same condition you do (ONH) and really there is no one else around here peer-wise or other that she can relate to so your blog will be very beneficial to her and many others I’m sure! So thank you again for doing this, for being such an outstanding, positive role model and good luck on your ACT! I know many great things will happen for you, it’s evident in your words you have an unstoppable spirit and many great things to accomplish and therefore, I hope you continue your blog! For you to allow people to have the opportunity to follow your successes after high school would be a an exceptional gift, especially to those that also have a visual impairment. Thank you, Zoe❤️


    1. Thank you so much for commenting those kind words!! I know that ONH can be quite the struggle, but as long as you never let your vision hold you back, you will continue to strive ahead!! I have been so lucky to live near the Cleveland Sight Center and therefore have a very positive outreach community! If you have any further questions about what equipment I use or how o I navigate please feel free to comment them below!


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